Uniquely Asia

Designed with South East Asians in Mind

Our new line of tailored dietary supplements was designed with the health of South East Asians, specifically those of the ASEAN nations, as a priority. Our goal was to take the most advanced nutrition technology and purest ingredients to create a completely innovative and revolutionary product for a population with special dietary needs.

Each supplement is not just designed with South East Asians in mind, but we have taken the personalization a step further by creating individual products to meet the need of specific genders and ages. Each supplement was tailored for individual nutritional needs to taking into account lifestyle, culture, and geographic location that may affect an individual’s dietary pattern.

We also included the most powerful and purest nutrients available to help support vitality and health. Every step of the development, creation, and manufacturing was held to the highest standards with South East Asians in mind. Our goal is help ASEAN people achieve vibrant and energetic lives by bringing our quality and innovative products to this specific population group.

Why Choose PN Plus?

Trusted Manufacturer

We are known throughout the supplement industry for our cutting edge research, as well as the potency, stability, and purity of our products. Today over 400 retail stores carry our quality products throughout the United States and we produce over 100 billion bottles of dietary supplements per year.

High Quality Standards

We do not include artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives in our products. We also avoid ingredients such as lactose, milk, gluten, wheat, and soy which can trigger sensitivities in some people.  We ensure that all our ingredients are sourced from the purest and most potent sources is our highest value as a company.

Cultured-Sensitive Line of Products

South East Asians need a more comprehensive and tailored product that addresses specific nutritional deficiencies in this region of the world. We applied the same quality standards used to develop all our dietary supplements to create a new culturally-sensitive line of products for this individual market.