About PrincipleNutrition

PrincipleNutrition is a complete line of dietary supplements that utilizes technology and innovation to create premium nutrition products. We are a leader in the supplement industry with state-of-the art production facilities located throughout the United States. Due to our exemplary quality, have set the industry standard for vitamin manufacturing. We are known throughout the supplement industry for our cutting edge research, as well as the potency, stability, and purity of our products. Today over 400 retail stores carry our quality products throughout the United States and we produce over 100 billion bottles of dietary supplements per year.

Due to our high quality standards we do not include artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives in our products. We also avoid ingredients such as lactose, milk, gluten, wheat, and soy which can trigger sensitivities in some people. Ensuring that all our ingredients are sourced from the purest and most potent sources is our highest value as a company. We do not believe in unnecessary or harmful additives in our products, which helps ensure our customer’s safety as well as our spotless reputation.

Our mission at PrincipleNutrition is to combine nature and technology to develop targeted nutrition supplements for specific population groups. Our new product, PrincipleNutrition Plus has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of South East Asians, focusing specifically on the ASEAN countries. We realized that vitamin and mineral supplements are targeted and formulated for a North American or European population and may not meet the needs of other geographic or cultural groups. South East Asians, in particular, need a more comprehensive and tailored product that addresses specific nutritional deficiencies in this region of the world. We applied the same quality standards used to develop all our dietary supplements to create a new culturally-sensitive line of products for this individual market.

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